This website is dedicated to Clarence “Kelly” Johnson (1910-1990), lead aeronautical systems engineer at the original Lockheed
Martin skunk works, and those thousands of talented but unsung engineers who strive to achieve Beyond Better


Nex-Gen is a factory /designer to consumer (F/D-2-C) multi-sports equipment brand platform where discerning consumers can buy exclusive products directly from the designer and factory that manufactures that product with no external third parties in the supply chain.

All Nex-Gen patented products are exclusive and only available to purchase through this website. Nex-Gen branded products offered in other venues or websites are non-authorized, non-genuine products.

  • World-Best designers and materials
  • Exclusive Nex-gen only products
  • Industry leading warranty and customer service
  • Provable performance data for every product sold
  • No un-necessary packaging or waste
  • No middlemen - Factory to consumer direct
  • Money back guarantee, unconditional
  • Fully approved by all major sporting and testing authorities

1. Design

2. Develop

3. Manufacture



Every decade a ‘disrupter’ comes along and fundamentally changes the way we see and achieve things in our daily lives.

Steve Jobs did it when transforming the world of personal communication in the 1990’s.

Mark Zuckerberg revolutionized how families, friends and colleagues keep in touch with Facebook.

Amazon has changed forever how we source every day consumer items from the convenience of our smart devices.

Uber is doing the same for personal, fast, cheap mobility.

Elon Musk is doing it with Tesla in electrified transport and grid storage systems now.

Nex-Gen is a disrupter in the broad consumer market of performance sporting goods. Ultimately our success or failure will be determined by you – Our discerning consumer.



Nex-Gen represents as a world’s-first platform a large group of highly experienced product designers, engineers, materials and manufacturing experts who each work at the leading edge of their chosen fields.
Working together under what we call MBC (Mutually Beneficial Cooperation) for the first time experts from numerous fields work together to design, develop and manufacture a wide range of highly refined sporting goods products without the physical and often financial restraints common in highly structured organisations with traditional sales models.

Anyone with an idea that significantly improves on currently available sporting products can apply to join the Nex-Gen team.

Launching 2021, Nex-Gen will be releasing a range of previously unseen sporting equipment to the public.