5 Spoke wheel


Arguably the world’s stiffest yet light front track wheel.
Aerodynamically designed to be faster!
As chosen by Olympic and National track teams.


  • NACA directional spoke profile 5-spoke carbon tubular front wheel.
  • Ceramic Speed bearings.
  • ‘True Round’ machined bearing seats*
  • Alloy fixing bolts – Not QR.
  • 3K carbon weave finish in either matt or gloss finish.
  • 50mm deep x 22mm wide rim profile.
  • Requires minimum 65mm tubular tire valve length.
  • From 850 gms.
  • Ultra high and uniform lateral stiffness*

Nex-Gen uses and recommends Dugast/Continental quality track tubular tyres.

Use quality rim adhesive when mounting tires in preference to double-sided adhesive tape.

* refer Tech-Talk


5 years unconditional

Additional information

Weight 0.115 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 20 cm
Select color

Glossy black, Matte black

Tech talk

Rim profile & aerodynamic CFD optimisation: Paul Lew
Finite Element structural Analysis: Performance Engineering Solutions (UK)
Materials and rim layup: Toray carbon 3K weave - Paul Farrell
Hubs: Proprietary co-cured alloy with Ceramic Speed bearings


The commonly held myth among many consumers is that since many sponsored Professional track riders are seen using very expensive wheel brands they must somehow be ‘superior’ to cheaper versions.

As the detailed laboratory testing data sheet demonstrates, this is not necessarily true. A quality track wheel, especially a front must, in order of importance, have 3 basic qualities:

• Uniformly high lateral stiffness compared to a regular road wheel on and between spokes
• As aerodynamically efficient as possible to reduce drag at zero yaw angle
• Minimal hub/bearing rolling resistance

fastest track wheel

Within reason track-specific wheel weight is not of major concern to any decent track rider who can often exceed 2000 peak watt output (male) and 1400 watts (female) in short bursts.

Designed and engineered by the world’s leading composite wheel specialists with one singular aim: TO BE FASTER

• NACA optimised 70mm wide 5 spoke pattern
• Unique “feathered’ spoke to rim design results in almost uniform circumference stiffness between and on the spokes (refer chart)
• Up to 34% laterally stiffer than competitors
• Low weight 850 gms +/- (alloy hardware)
• Highly accurate machine-lathed bearing seats - Not jig bonded hubs (ensures perfect roundness): Watch the video below
• Genuine Ceramic Speed bearings for lowest possible rolling resistance
• Available in gloss or matt finish - 3K carbon weave
• 22mm rim width for wider tubular tires*
• Nex-Gen recommends tire glue NOT adhesive tape for attaching tubulars
• Nex-Gen uses and recommends Dugast and Continental tubular track tires


Lateral rim stiffness deflection test equipment - On spoke shown. Chart table averages 5 measurements per side


Traditional 5 and tri-spoke wheels have their hubs bonded into the composite wheel on a jig after the wheel is cured. Unfortunately mismatched +/- tolerances can lead to out of roundness leading to high speed wobble.

Nex-Gen 5T has its alloy hub shells co-cured with the composite wheel and then bearing seats are precision-machined with the entire wheel on a wide-bed lathe. This ensures true wheel roundness.

Nex-Gen 5T has been specifically designed, aerodynamically optimized using CFD with wind tunnel verification and extensively raced under competitive conditions during its intensive development period to provide superior performance across all criteria.

5t comparison table


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