GEMINI™ Chain Chum™


Chain Chum™ is the world’s first and only (patent pending) simple, durable, user–friendly and go anywhere chain scrubber.
• Designed to be taken anywhere, it fits neatly into a riders’ jersey or tool bag
• It’s designed to fit every size and type of cycling drive chain from fixie, track through multi-speed road and off-road chain dimensions
• Quick, simple and easy to use it removes mud, dirt and other contaminents from your chain under all conditions from regular equipment cleaning to extreme riding conditions (cyclocross etc).
• Chain Chum™ is made from durable recycled plastic
• Bristle brushes are easy to clean and replace once worn down after prolonged use
• Available in 3 bright, easy to locate colors

How to use

  1. Snap open the Chain Chum™ case by pressing inwards next to the snap catch.

2. Wrap Chain Chum™ around the lower portion of your bicycle chain with the logo facing outwards. Snap the Chain Chum™ closed.

3. Holding Chain Chum™ firmly on your left hand, rotate your crank backwards (counter-clockwise), driving your chain between the bristle brushes on all surfaces.

4. Push inwards again to open, remove and clean your Chain Chum™ using a recommended product such as Gemini™ Industrial Chain Cleaner. Dry before next use.

Additional information

Weight 0.115 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 20 cm
Select color

Red, Green, Black, Yellow

Tech talk

As long as there have been chains there have been innumerable ways to try and effectively clean them mechanically from a variety of contaminants that degrade a chains performance over time.

In the current cycling market these consist primarily of:

• Various plastic contraptions that usually contain some type of rotating brush or brushes that clips over the chain while on the bicycle
• Has a chamber containing (usually) a petrochemical-based cleaning solvent
• Is bulky and heavy during use. Not portable.
• Prone to fluid leaking and spills
• Basically impossible to dispose of the used liquid cleaner in an environmentally responsible manner
• Expensive – In the $30 – $50+ range

Introducing Chain Chum™ – Your bikes’ best friend.

Seeing the need for a cheap, light weight, durable, compact and fully transportable, fluid free chain cleaning device that can be used on-the-go, Nex-gensports engineers have designed and produced the world’s first truly universal chain scrubber device.

With cycling disciplines like Cyclocross, any-off road MTB or gravel style of riding, ‘Chain Chum™ ‘ easy fits in your jersey back pocket – Ready to scrub the chain in seconds whenever required. Muddy, clogged chains during a race or ride are now a thing of the past.

Made of 100% recycled plastic polymers, Chain Chum™ is available in black or 3 ‘never lose’ bright colour options.


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