GEMINI™ Chain Cleaner


3 years in development by Nex-GenSports LLC industrial chemical group, Gemini™ Industrial strength chain cleaner is the new global benchmark in cycle chain cleaning products.
Certified non-toxic, 100% bio-degradable and compatible with all cycling surface materials such as composites (painted or raw), alloy, steel, rubber and plastics – Gemini™ chain cleaner contains zero petroleum-based liquids or solvents.
Gemini’s unique formulation (patent pending) is based upon the world’s first totally bio-sourced solvent. According to the manufacturer it is the first totally new industrial solvent developed in 40 years!

Volume 270ml

Available on backorder

How to use

  1. Shake bottle well before each use. Liberally spray all sides and surfaces of the bicycle chain and gears which require cleaning

2. Allow to penetrate thoroughly for 3-5 minutes


3. Use Nex-GenSports Chain Chum™ chain scrubber to fully agitate and penetrate all chain surfaces

4. Remove Chain Chum™ and wipe chain clean and dry using Gemini™ Bio wipes Your chain is now thoroughly clean and ready for re-lube.

Additional information

Weight 0.115 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 20 cm

Tech talk

The main job of any chain cleaner is to break down the chain lube which is almost entirely made from either grease(s) or oil.

Despite various and often misleading marketing claims, commercial chain cleaners are manufactured from heavy petroleum/hydrocarbon liquid derivatives such as:
• Heptane
• Acetone
• Naptha
• Various alcohols
• Glycol Ether
• White spirit……
All of the above chemicals have been studied and found, in varying concentrations, to be carcinogenic. They are individually mostly toxic to the environment.

Because they are designed to break down greases, ALWAYS wear gloves when using such chemical solvents otherwise your natural skin oils will also be effectively removed leading to possible dermatitis.

Working with a leading UK-based chemical research and development company, Nex-gensports is proud to launch the world’s first non-petroleum based, industrial strength liquid chain cleaner that uses 100% natural ingredients from the earth. Our main ingredients are a combination of natural plant extracts; One of which is the first non-petroleum-based solvent developed in the past 40 years.

Be aware: Eco Friendly marketing labels on many commercial products are often misleading and may still be harmful to the individual and planet.
Gemini TM Industrial Chain cleaner is Toxic Free Certified and safe to use without hand safety equipment.


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