Ever wondered where the world’s top professional riders like Sir Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome and countless others get their custom road cockpit and often outrageous looking track and TT aero bars?

Well now you know!

From METRON A.E. (UK), the world leader in 3D printed titanium custom parts for the dedicated sports professional.

For over two decades, Metron founder, Dimitris Katsanis and his team of experts have been designing and manufacturing a wide range of multi-award winning products for both track and road world and Olympic champions. Now for the first time this vast experience is available through Nex-Gen to the general public.


3d printed titanium
Hot powder bed/high-vacuum 3rd generation
ARCAM Q10 system

During the process, components are built up layer-upon-layer of metal (Ti) powder, melted and fused by a powerful (3000W) electron beam of particles.

Each layer is melted to the precise geometry as defined by a 3D CAD model drawing.

The entire process takes place in a vacuum and at high temperature over several hours resulting in stress-relieved parts exhibiting material properties better than traditional casting and comparable with wrought material.

After printing and blasting away excess material the stems are tumble rolled in a multi-stage process to both remove burrs, polish and surface harden the component.

3d printed stem mythos
Straight from the printing machine and prior to surface polishing.