Images shown are without pre-fitted tires. For illustration purposes only.

sealant tire usage

1. Shake bottle contents thoroughly before before each use. At least 2 minutes and watch for unmixed settlement in the base of the bottle through the sight window. If seen, stop and continue mixing.

2. Rotate wheel until Presta valve stem is at 12 o’clock position.

3. Remove Presta valve cap. Remove bottle cap.

sealant tire usage

4. Using bottle cap, unscrew and remove Presta valve insert.

5. Screw bottle onto Presta valve stem.

sealant tire usage

6. Rotate wheel to 7 o’clock position and squeeze sealant bottle to required quantity.

Road: 60ml – 80ml
Off-road: 120ml – 150ml

sealant tire usage

7. Rotate wheel to 12 o’clock position.

8. Unscrew bottle, replace Presta valve core and tighten using bottle cap.

9. If required, water wash-up. Non-toxic, non-polluting.

A high pressure, low volume tire sealant formulation for road use , with the Road specific sealant having slightly lower viscosity with the same casing repair and sealing ability when sealing smaller punctures (+/-5mm) but with a faster engagement time to seal the lower volume higher pressure tires faster.

A high tire volume, low pressure sealant for off-road use which is also effective sealing larger holes (+/-6mm) in MTB application.