Wrong! Your expensive bicycle wheels are your pride and joy, it is no surprise that when travelling you want to keep your bike wheels well protected. Whether you are travelling by car,
boat or plane, you want your wheels to arrive in the condition that they left. While ordinary wheel bags tempt you with attractive low price, the cons outweigh the pros in this case and you’re exposing your wheels to risks like impact damages and theft. Not such a bargain after all!

Nex-Gen have studied the humble wheel bag and developed several new features to both protect, store and actually locate your expensive wheels if accidentally lost or stolen.

Cage mount: Nylon fiber reinforced PA6. 100% recyclable.
Aero bottle: FDA approved food grade PP (Polypropylene). BPA, BPS and BPF toxin free. 100% recyclable.

  1. The bag is made of heavy duty (type model number to follow) black nylon fabric with contrasting orange seam reinforcing
  2. Each bag comes with carry handle and fully adjustable / removable backpack straps
  3. 6 internal sealed pockets for extra component storage
  4. A hidden pocket for wireless TrackR™ or similar tracking device (sold separately)
  5. Heavy duty nylon zippers and zipp pulls
  6. Rubberised feet protection


TrackR™ chip harnesses a learning algorithm which adapts to your environment and usage. The easy to use smart phone application updates the TrackR™ monthly with learned software and security features. This adaptable and uniquely scalable engineering is a breakthrough for tracking technology in 2020.

Further exclusive TrackR™ technology and advanced functionality include:
• Geo-Fence feature
• Real-time GPS tracking
• Four weeks historical GPS footprints
• One year battery life (and learning!)
• Huge 60 meter range
• Separation alert on phone app and tracker