If you’ve already made the switch to tubeless you’ll recognise the two main reasons for adding a reputable tire sealant to your tires.

The first reason is to prevent air loss between the rim and tire beads which for a variety of reasons are not always mechanically compatible. Currently the UCI wheel technical committee are about to implement a more rational set of both rim and tire sizing standards that are easier to comply with and ensure uniformity across both industries. Current standards often cause a mis-match between tire and rim – Hence the need for a liquid sealant to fill any gap.

The second reason is to seal punctures or cuts in the tire up to a certain size to prevent air loss. To achieve these goals is the secret art of the industrial chemist as they require precisely the right combination of ingredients to achieve:

• Long service life both on the shelf and within the tire
• A product that is not toxic to humans or the environment
• Is simple to use and remove when necessary
• Is effective across a wide temperature range
• Is suitable for a wide range of tire sizes, materials and pressures



Early tire sealants, and many current versions use a natural liquid latex base to which various industrial chemicals were added to prevent coagulation and adjust Ph (ammonia), adjust viscosity, prevent freezing etc. plus a wide variety of different particulates to act as the plugging-agent at any puncture site.

These ammonia-based sealants can be easily detected by the smell of the ammonia hydroxide gas which is emitted. Exposure to ammonia is officially classified as a significant health risk and has well documented chemical interaction with alloy-based rims and should therefore be avoided.

Attempts at using water-based sealants to improve usable sealant life within the tire have been unsuccessful to date.

Nex-Gen sealants: In development using a synthetic latex liquid base that requires no toxic ammonia for the past 3 years, Nex-Gen sealants represent the state-of-the-art across all measures of performance.

Long service life

Non-toxic, No ammonia, Allergy-free

Simple to use & remove

Wide temperature range

Wide range of compatibility

Simple & messfree application

“Kills leaks, not fish” is not just some fancy marketing stunt, we actual mean it.

Under strictly controlled laboratory conditions, commercially available dwarf gourami fish were immersed for one hour in a 3% dilution (by volume) of Nex-Gen sealant. The fish were returned to their regular aquarium; swimming and feeding normally immediately and showing zero adverse effects several months after the experiment.

Disclaimer: This experiment was conducted under strict laboratory conditions using qualified aquatic specialists.
Nex-Gen does not usually condone or perform live animal testing but considered it imperative we demonstrate our non-toxic claims.

Recognising that no one sealant formula fits all uses, Nex-Gen has developed two sealant
versions that are tailored to the riding environments of athletes in the MTB and Road /
Gravel disciplines respectively

A high pressure, low volume tire sealant formulation for road use , with the Road specific sealant having slightly lower viscosity with the same casing repair and sealing ability when sealing smaller punctures (+/-5mm) but with a faster engagement time to seal the lower volume higher pressure tires faster.

A high tire volume, low pressure sealant for off-road use which is also effective sealing larger holes (+/-6mm) in MTB application.