Rim profile & aerodynamic CFD optimisation: Paul Lew
Finite Element structural Analysis: Performance Engineering Solutions (UK)
Materials and rim layup: Spread tow carbon weave – Paul Farrell
Hubs: Proprietary co-cured alloy with Ceramic Speed bearings option



After decades of debate among various brands and leading technical experts the jury is still out.

But hard data does indicate the following:
• At speeds above 30kph (18.6 mph) a narrow 21C or 23C tire will have less drag than a wider tire.
• All other things being equal, the wider the gap between rotating wheel and inner fork leg the better.
• Tyres should perfectly match the maximum outer width of the wheel rim. A wider ballooning tyre significantly increases drag.
• Wheels with a deeper rim section are generally more aerodynamic than shallow sections.
• At above 50kph (31 mph) sustained speed a tri spoke will be faster than a deep spoke wheel but at slower speeds or if it is windy, steering input increases.
• Tri-spokes look and sound ‘sexy’!

best tt bicycle wheel

“Many world pro-tour cycling teams and leading professional triathletes prefer to use a front tri-spoke with a narrow front tyre as long as atmospheric conditions are favorable – generally meaning low yaw wind direction and speed.”


Years in development, no other current front tri-spoke wheel looks or performs like the Nex-Gen. This is because with our state-of-the-art tri-spoke design, lateral stiffness and excellent aerodynamics have combined to create what you can see as the ‘feathered’ wide and curved NACA spoke attachment joint to the asymmetrically curved inner rim.

This profile specifically spreads the greater rim stiffness measured adjacent to the spoke around the rim circumference unlike conventional designs with narrow butt-jointed spokes which lead to non-uniform lateral stiffness and hence possible hi-speed shimmer.

Designed and engineered by the world’s leading composite wheel specialists with one singular aim: TO BE FASTER

The tri-spoke, like the Nex-Gen 5T track wheel, has a co-cured alloy hub shell which has its bearing surfaces accurately machined on a wide bed lathe according to the actual roundness of the outer rim. Other tri-spoke wheels usually have their finished hubs glued into the composite rim on a one-size-fits-all jig. Mismatched +/- tolerances can lead to eccentricity (a measure of how much a conic section deviates from being circular) which at speed becomes apparent to the rider.

• Unfashionably narrow 21.6mm Nex-Gen tri-spoke is built for one thing – Speed!
• At only 660gms it is one of, if not the, lightest front tri wheels on the market.
• Built in magnet for bike computer use.
• Genuine Textreme™ spread tow carbon finish (as per Shimano Textreme™ Pro).
• Choice of SKF ACB steel or Ceramic Speed bearings available.
• NACA approved directional rim profiles.

Nex-Gen Tri-Spoke has been specifically designed, aerodynamically optimized using CFD with wind tunnel verification and extensively raced under competitive conditions during its intensive development period to provide superior performance across all criteria.

Comparison between Nex-Gen and various other Tri-spoke brands