Concept designer: Paul Farrell
Aerodynamics modelling & development: Paul Lew

aero bottle cage system


The humble water bottle has been a part of cycling since the earliest records of humans riding bicycles.

Racing cyclists up until the 50’s used to carry glass and later aluminium bottles in leather pouches or eventually wire cages mounted to their handlebars.
Italian professional rider Rene Vietto is credited as being possibly the first to place a water cage onto the frame down tube. This eventually became universally adopted.

Despite changes to cage and bottle materials, the basic design of the cylindrical water bottle held in place by an external cage has remained virtually unchanged since despite significant advances in the understanding of cycling aerodynamics and drag.


The traditional cylindrical sports drink bottle is inherently a significant cause of turbulence and hence drag when placed either on the down or seat tube of any bicycle frame.

Several attempts to semi-integrate the external bottle cage into the bottle shape have been demonstrated but with little practical advantage.

aero bottle cage system

The Nex-Gen aero cage-less system completely removes the water bottle external cage and integrates it into the aerodynamically tuned bottle shape for use on either the down or seat tube of any bicycle frame using standard industry mounting points.

aero bottle cage system
Cage mount: Nylon fiber reinforced PA6. 100% recyclable.
Aero bottle: FDA approved food grade PP (Polypropylene). BPA, BPS and BPF toxin free. 100% recyclable.


Over 12 months in development, the aero cage-less design has been subjected to the most rigorous fatigue and impact test regime to ensure all components are long lasting, easy to use and will not disengage from the bicycle even under extreme shock conditions (both full and empty).


An extensive set of comparison modelling has been conducted which clearly demonstrates the significant reduction in drag of the aero cage-less product compared to a regular cylindrical water bottle.

The values in black are DRAG. The values in red are LIFT.

The average drag for a traditional round bottle from 0° to 30° yaw attached to a 51mm round down tube is 207 grams.

The aero bottle from 0° to 30° degrees yaw attached to a 51mm round down tube produced an average value of 115 grams of lift (not drag). This difference represents an amazing saving of 6.5W for the original proof-of-concept design.

The table shows separate components of lift and drag in increments of 5° yaw angles for both bottles representing the lift, drag and total lift + drag at every yaw angle (0 degrees – 30 degrees).

bottlecage drag table

Round Bottle – 0° Yaw

Round Bottle – 15° Yaw

Round Bottle – 25° Yaw

Nex-Gen Aero Bottle – 0° Yaw

Nex-Gen Aero Bottle – 15° Yaw

Nex-Gen Aero Bottle – 25° Yaw